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We help our users quickly find evidence-backed answers to complex regulatory questions by leveraging past data.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Cedience is a team of software engineers, data scientists, and regulatory affairs professionals who share a passion for solving the real challenges in drug development. Our team uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to overcome common issues within the industry.

Solving Challenges

To support the development of new drugs and biologics, the regulatory authorities publish and maintain a large body of knowledge. This information typically includes webpages, guidance documents, notices, regulations, and product labels. In addition, it often covers product-specific assessments and reviews, correspondence documents, milestone meeting minutes, advisory committee deliberations, information requests, letters, and more.

This level of support and transparency from the regulators is welcomed by the industry but it comes with significant challenges.

Cedience addresses these challenges, bridging knowledge gaps and equipping drug development teams with the information they need to support their decisions.

By automatically centralizing and integrating the regulators’ databases, our SaaS platform enables you to answer complex questions on precedents in minutes instead of days, and generate unique datasets that can augment your regulatory intelligence activities.

  • There’s a large number of databases that need to be closely monitored for each regulatory agency of interest
  • The databases are disconnected and the information within them is not standardized
  • Datapoints of relevance are hidden within thousands of pages of information
  • Datasets have to be collected and synthesized manually to support critical decisions.
  • These challenges result in significant knowledge gaps in the industry.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe in a future where regulators work closely with the innovators to address unmet medical needs without delay.

We believe technology needs to be impactful first and this is the right time to deploy artificial intelligence and improve the drug development process.

Most importantly, we believe the people relying on our technology are the real experts and we are committed to making their voices heard across our organization

Our Team

Ashley Eadie

Research Analyst

Sheila Galan

Head of Quality & Regulatory Sciences

Kira Lai

Data Manager

Kelly Li

Data Manager

Valerie Limasi

Data Manager

Pooja Malik

Product Manager

Siobhan O'Connor

Data Manager

Amin Osmani

Founder & CEO

Krish Perumal

Founder & CTO

Vamsidhar Rajula

Software Engineer

Divij Sanjanwala

Software Developer

Albert Stancescu

Data Manager

Sampath Vinayak

Full Stack Developer

Jingming Yuan

Machine Learning Engineer